Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging from school! The novelty of this is exciting. Wireless is indeed a marvelous invention.

Everything else has been rather unceremonious, though that admittedly has more to do with the fact that I skipped orientation. And thus my first official week at NUS begins, with me thrown right smack into the mish-mash of lectures and strangers.

Making new friends has been slightly difficult; people seem to have formed cliques already, and besides, lecture theatres aren't encouraging places for conversation. Hopefully things pick up once we get tutorials assigned to us!


Mich :) said...

hi sarah! haha u were blogging in school?? lol, thought u went home after the prog lecture? anw yea, really glad that for almost everyday, my 1st lesson starts off with a lecture with u for this week. thank goodness!! =)i think i would be so alone of not for you. whew! and ya. too bad we din go for orientation and scamp. it's their loss too!!!!!=x

Sarah said...

i blogged that during lecture! haha. think something's wrong with the time la.

let's try to talk to random strangers on thurs. (: heh.