Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"It is 3 o'clock," the invigilator boomed in an unusually sepulchral tone. "Please put down your pens. If caught writing, you will be deemed to have cheated, and will face expulsion from the university."

Obediently, pens clattered onto table tops; faces turned up expectantly, as one and all counted down to the exit from the frigid hall.

On my right, a girl scribbled on busily. I eyed her quietly, wondering if I'd do the same in her situation. Probably would; five words tops, because I'm gutless. She, however, went on for another twenty seconds.

Later, the invigilator refused to collect her answer scripts. "I saw you still writing," he said. She put up a poor defence -- her protests were weak, untrue, and she obviously didn't believe them herself.

After all the scripts were collected, he came back wielding a pair of scissors. "Cut out the pages to that question," he demanded tacitly. Not having much of a choice, she complied, though as she stalked out later, I saw her press the cut-outs to her face angrily, before leaving them on her table in the rapidly emptying hall.


LG said...

wow.. the invigilator is from hell.. or was it the girl who wrote way too long after asked to put down her pens? nvr did i see such invigilator before man? is it my cohort is gutless or is it our invigilator is nice?

Sarah said...

haha she really went on for quite some time, and all the while the invigilator was a mere 5 tables away. quite bold -- or as the case may be, foolhardy.

shawn said...

pure ownage. i wish arts had more drama..the most we have are missing scripts ...hey thanks for the pictures!