Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dad, being in a particularly spendthrift mood yesterday, dragged me over to Starhub and got me this gorgeous new phone:

!!!!!! (as in, words can't express my exhilaration.)

This is after half a year of using a phone with a spoilt volume control (that my mother didn't want and thus gave to me); before that, another hand-me-down from my Mom; and before that, the Nokia 8250, which is pretty damn prehistoric.

So this is the first time I've got a phone that I actually like from the onset, not one I have to let grow on me. How novel and exciting, haha.

Can't help thinking phones are a bit too extravagant and a waste of money though -- hundreds of dollars for a bit of shiny metal and over-the-top features I probably won't use? In that vein I was arguing against getting that phone yesterday, but Dad knocked me out with a club and got me the phone anyway.

Woo! One thing off my wishlist now; if you want to know what else is on it, I'll be glad to let you know, what with my birthday barely a week away.


i$k said...

congratulations on your new phone
-.-' ... finally!

... well at least you've got a new.. portable camera for yourself huh??

Sarah said...

i know!!!!!


haha. still gonna get a camera though, cause i'm oldfashioned that way.