Saturday, March 29, 2008

The newest member of the family...


Much to the chagrin of The Boyfriend, I decided to name the 2-week-old hamster Lord Farquhar. Initially I'd thought it was a very hamster-y sort of name, but looking at the pretty little ball of fur now, I'm not very sure.

The naming went something like this:

Me: I'm going to call it Lord Farquhar.
The Boyfriend: What?!?!?! No! Can you pick something a little less retarded?
Me: Like what?
The Boyfriend: Mighty Max.
Me: NO. That's so uncreative can!
The Boyfriend: Better than Lord Farquhar!
Me: Okay, let's compromise. How about Lord Maximillian Farquhar the Mighty?

In the end, I won in a hand of Scissors, Paper, Stone. :D So the hamster is now stuck with the name Lord Farquhar. The Boyfriend says he's going to get a second one and call it Mighty Max, but if I get my way with it I'm gonna call it Count Dracula.


|$k said...

Er... Sarah.. Do you know that name is pronounced as.. Far-ker..?

Heheh.. just telling u..

Van Van said...

Nice name to give your hamster huh..HAHA =p

bah said...

As with most small rodents, Lord Farquhar is an apt name indeed.

"Hamsters become fertile at different ages dependent on their species, but this can be from one month to three months of age. Male hamsters remain fertile for the rest of their lives, though females do not. Females are in heat approximately every four days."

|$k said...

man... you remind me of PW..