Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I just took on a tuition job -- commencing next week -- teaching lower Secondary science and math. Which should be really easy, considering I got A's for both subjects, but I'm totally freaking out because I can't remember the syllabi.

Any suggestions for the first lesson? Should I go there and concentrate on his background, find out as much as I can, and do a general introductory course? Or should I have a lesson plan ready for the first meeting? Is it normal to feel this nervous about a 12 year old punk?


bah said...

Wait... you're teaching secondary school math.

If I remember correctly, our secondary math skills were both like, CMI? o_0

Sarah said...

ha... obviously i've gotten better since then. as a math undergrad i'm sure i can explain the finer points of measurement to a 12 year old.

gayle said...

you're majoring in math in NUS??

Sarah said...

anything to avoid essays!