Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got a used copy of Anthropology: 101 True Love Stories at a book bazaar, and all things in consideration (especially the largish font, double line spacing and cotton candy cover), it was a marvelous read.

Each of the 101 stories takes 20 seconds to read, and in fact the dry humour prevalent through the book is emphasised all the more because of this.

One of my personal favourites:

Xanthe left me. I found out her new address, and returned the kettle she had left behind. The next day I took her a book she had lent me. I found a box of hairgrips, and delivered one each day. If she wasn't home I would post it with a long letter explaining how I had found it on the floor. When I had returned them all, I took her, on the tip of my finger, a tiny ball of dust. 'I remember seeing it fall from your dress one afternoon,' I said. 'The pretty one, with the flowers on it.'

The author really is a genius; do give the book a read, I guarantee you won't be able to put it down (if you appreciate the same class of humour I do, that is).


Marcus P. said...

haha, lend lend! (: it should be a fantastic read. :D

Sarah said...

haha, buy buy! (:

Marcus P. said...

i'm but a poor army man. earning much lesser than your boyfriend in 24SA.

bleah. ):