Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Deutsch macht viel ärgelich!

When I was 15, I took French for a bit and the genders of the words killed me. How do you remember what's feminine and what's masculine? You don't, duh, and then you proceed to fail all the tests. Which is what I did, except I skipped the tests so technically I didn't fail.

Then at the start of this sem I was assigned German -- a lucky break, I thought.

But German words have three genders -- feminine, masculine, neutral. What the hell is neutral, I ask you? How can anything be neutral? Or -- and this makes more sense -- how can inanimate objects have genders?

I'd like to know who decides upon the gender of random objects. No, seriously. It'd be interesting to know the thought process of someone so twisted.

Maybe in 5000 B.C., or whenever the German language was invented, this whole bunch of people sat down and decided to make the language more challenging. Since German is basically ripped from Latin, giving random things genders would make the language seem more original (unless you're telling me Latin has genders as well, urgh).

Guy #1: Grunt grunt snort ooargh ugh. (This table has long things sticking out! It must be a male.)

[Because language not invented yet hor, so my characters grunt.]

Guy #2: Eeeee snort grunt grunt grunt whee. (Since females talk so much and always ask if they look fat, the word Question shall be feminine!)

Girl #3: Oi snort snort. (Guys talk more lor!)

Guy #2: Gasp ooargh grunt. (Fine, Dialogue can be masculine.)

Girl #3: Gulp urgh ooooooh grunt snort. (And my husband looks like a hippo, so Hippo will be masculine.)

Yada yada yada.

I feel like a damned baby learning how to talk. Pretty sure I sounded like one when I had to read my essay to the class. At least the class came away with a new word learnt: einkaufen, meaning shopping. What else, eh?

Still, Deutsch macht viel ärgelich (German is very annoying)!


Anonymous said...

that entry was too cute haha (x
what happened to the tagboard?! i dont see you online these days anymore either... anyway i end at 7plus mon-wed and thurs and fri are proj/mugging days so its very variable. how is school on your side?

Mich :) said...

hello girl! i agree with u.. i feel tat learning german is so not easy, and what's worse is those ppl who have taken german b4 n r like so gd at it lor!! haa..learning of german for me has alr reached a not moving up le.

and yes! i look forward to mondays too cos i get to catch up w u =) nice giggly girly sessions.

thurs's chit chat w jen was quite interesting eh?? =) said...

u are one funny girl....really cute one there! =)

i still wanna do french/german 9or both...hehe) and thai tho. blog more abt it and see if my senses will finally wake up!