Friday, September 14, 2007

A friend from cheerleading fell off while stunting and fractured her spine. Certainly made me sit up and take notice of how dangerous cheerleading can be.

As of today, the injuries (though mild compared to said friend) I've sustained are:

1. A bruised breastbone (from basing and supporting the flyer's weight),
2. Reduced mobility in my neck because of a bad sprain,
3. Wonky nose after getting kneed by a wayward flyer,
4. Twisted shin (don't ask me how, I never knew it could get twisted before either), though to be accurate, I only aggravated it after cheerleading.

Dad has been seizing every opportunity to regal me with stories of paralysed cheerleaders. "We Yaps have weak backs and necks," said he over dinner. "Did you see the documentary on American cheerleaders? A girl fell on her face and lost all her teeth. And she shattered all the bones in her face."

Thanks, Dad. That really puts things into perspective.


bonbon said...


well at least you're flexible.
unlike me.
i cant stretch/run/anything to do with athletics for my life -.-

Sarah said...

well flexibility sure has its perks; i never paid much attention to it until i realised how important it can be. if you know what i mean. hehe.

Sw3et reVeNg3 iS wHat i Haf B3en S3eKiNg f3r... said...

Do yaps have weak backs and necks?! Man, now i know why my mum has been complaining on her backache sometimes!!=S

bonbon said...

oh hell yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.


and it gives yo stamina too.

:( unfortunately, i have none of that too.

bonbon said...


Anonymous said...


Ich bin Joshua!

what's ur msn?

Sarah said...

joshua: you've added me on msn alr what! heh.