Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After the months in such a highly competitive environment, I've seen and heard of a myriad of cheating tactics, amongst which are:

The Classic
Peeking over your neighbours' shoulders; sneaking sideway glances at test scripts held too high; an unoriginal idea that is nonetheless, probably the safest.

The Pre-emptory
Approaching friends who have taken the test for help. Inclusive of: asking for hints subtly; asking for hints not-too-subtly; and asking directly for the questions.

The Cooperative
A secret code that consists of a wayward eraser, muffled coughs and the tap-tap-tapping of a pencil.

The One That Tests Your Friendship
Similar to the Cooperative (see above). Slight difference lies in the fact that your friend is liable to get into a lot more trouble with this one. An example of this type: actual passing of test paper over to friend, while invigilator skulks around the other end of room.

Makes me wonder sometimes: why should I place so much importance on being honest and struggle my way through school, when around me I see people taking the easy route out?


Anonymous said...

its a matter of principle my friend. ;)

in other words, YOU have principle and morals. they don't.

all the best for your exams! =D


bah said...

Because it's easier, safer and more beneficial to just study than to cheat, unless the subject involved is Chinese.

Anonymous said...

everything you do is a masterpiece

it's all about your effort, not the grades

pertaining to achievement, it's insignificant

but your choice today will shape the way you view yourself tomorrow

Sarah said...

true what you all said, though that knowledge doesn't give instant gratification. heh.