Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have been relegated to the living room to sleep, because another cockroach flew into my bedroom via the open window. Seeing that my block is structured in the shape of an 'L', with my room right at the pivot point, it must mean one of the following: that cockroaches are now getting hardworking enough to flap up 10 stories, or that the neighbour's house adjacent to mine is producing these disgusting creatures.

This time there was a distinct crack at my window, whereupon I looked up to see a cockroach, presumably having just smacked into the pane of glass, come racing along the grilles. Very calmly I got up and grabbed an aerosal can of Baygon, but in that 30 seconds I was gone the blasted insect went into hiding.

Cue end of calmness; in its stead, mild hysteria.

And thus, here I am curled up (uncomfortably) in the living room, windows firmly shut. (The last time I lost sight of a cockroach in my room I ended up sleeping on the couch for 3 months.)

It's as much a matter of fear as it is a necessity: the air in my bedroom is a stagnant cesspool of Baygon; everything in it is saturated, and I may not wake up again if I go to sleep there.


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